Wallace group is a turn-key equipment solution company specializing in the purchase, sale and export logistics of new and used pre-owned affordable construction equipment’s and automobiles to West and sub-Sahara Africa since 2000. With our keenness to quality and outstanding customer services, we assist construction and mining companies throughout Ghana and sub-Sahara Africa. Which helped us to supply for many dealers, wholesalers, individuals, municipal departments and industries as well.

Wallace Group is one of the leading supplier in construction equipment, parts and automobiles from USA to West and sub-Sahara Africa. We supply all the used and new models of excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, articulated trucks and major brands of automobiles like Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, to mention but a few. We currently buy to ship across our entire branch network in Africa. We are able to support and supply you no matter your location.

All equipment passes through all necessary legal control unit with evidence attached to it. We consult for;

  • Yiadom shipping services in (Boston, New York City and Ghana)
  • Northern light transportation and Logistics
  • Great Lakes logistics
  • Mobile convoy shipping services
  • Tropical auto transport

and other shipping lines to obtain the best shipping quote for export and also able to negotiate sales and purchase between company buyers and whole price.

Wallace group also assist clients in evaluating potential deals through due diligence and execute transactions in accordance with established international shipping laws. Wallace group has a large existing customer base across the U.S and Africa as well as worldwide

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We offer full-line heavy equipment as Caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu, Hitachi and among others. We also carry parts for manufacturers and specialize in automobiles for individual client. With our buy to ship model, we are sure to have everything you need.